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NEMI Teas English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tube

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A robust and full-bodied English Breakfast tea, its a bit malty and that golden colour in the cup, oh my.


INGREDIENTS — Fairtrade & Organic-certified Assam black tea  


SOURCE — tea from pure Assam leaves, it is grown in the prized Borengajuli Estate in Assam, Northeast India.


HOW TO DRINK ME — teaspoon of loose leaf goes into a tea cup, add boiling water and brew for 3-5 minutes according to your preferred strength (or mood). Serve black or a dash of milk. A slice of victorian sponge goes nicely on the side.


RETAIL PACKS — only the 15-teabags and the 125g come in our colourful tubes. All other sizes are sent in natural kraft bags. The container is made of card paper, window material is recycled plastic and the tube itself can be upcycled!


PACK SIZES —  125g loose-leaf


PACKAGING MATERIAL — biodegradable plastic called NatureFlex™ made from wood pulp.