Things to consider when choosing your designer handbag

Things to consider when choosing your designer handbag

We love what we do here at Renaissance.

We bring the very best of quality and luxury to our customers at the best pre loved price. With sustainability at the heart of it all too. But we understand that our handbags are quite often an investment. Often when you buy a handbag at Renaissance, a lot of thought and searching has gone into the purchase you’re about to make. Which is why we have taken the time to give you our best tips and tricks on making the best handbag investment for your capsule wardrobe. Stay tuned for our little tips and things to consider before choosing your designer handbag, wether that be new, pre loved or vintage.




The first thing to consider, is often what you would like to use this handbag for. Is this a statement piece to take to dinner and date nights?

If you’re looking for a show stopper / evening appearance handbag : you’re probably looking for something small. Perhaps a clutch or a crossbody, depending on the type of occasions you often attend.

 My top pick show stopping cross body right now is this Mulberry Keeley in nightfall blue.

Or is this a practical handbag that needs room for all of your everyday essentials?


Often these are more like a LV neverfull or a Mulberry Bayswater. Practical staple styles for everyday.

 We have this beautiful Bayswater in stock right now.



So it’s quite an obvious one, but it differs for everyone.

If you’re looking for something for everyday, you’re probably looking at something of more classic colours- tan, chocolate, black or a neutral shade. If you’re looking for a show stopping evening bag to catch everyone’s eye- you’re maybes looking for a pop of colour or a bolder print or branding to steal the show.

We all have colours in our wardrobes we wear most often and own a lot of. Personally, it’s always pastels and neutrals and I have a lot of black staples to build outfits from.

Find your capsule wardrobe colour palette and work out what colour handbag is the best investment for your wardrobe from there.


Number of uses / durability

When spending a lot of money on a handbag I always like to look at how much use I plan to get out of it. The best way to justify a purchase like this is to look at cost per use. I would highly recommend doing this if you’re unsure on parting with your money still!

Once you’ve got a rough idea of how often you plan to use the handbag, you can then go on to think about how durable the material needs to be. For example, If you’re looking for a handbag to use everyday and withstand some bashes and serious use- I would opt for something in a more structured leather, like Saffiano Leather. Michael Kors handbags are often made from Saffiano leather, which is why they’re a brilliant everyday handbag as the structured material is hard wearing and durable.

 Check out this Saffiano leather Michael Kors we have in stock. 

Lastly, but not least- STYLE.

This one is often overlooked. But put it this way, if your wardrobe is all harsh lines, structured suits and straight leg trousers- a slouchy style handbag probably isn’t going to finish off the look.

So take a look at your personal style, what outfits you seem to wear the most, how you like to carry a handbag and take note from there.

I like to carry my bag over my forearm as I struggle to find straps that go over my shoulder and stay put, often because I overload my handbags with weight. These are all things to consider.

Therefore my everyday handbag choice would be something like the Mulberry Bayswater and my evening handbag would be a crossbody with a single strap.

What you wear with it and how you like to carry it will all be useful to think about before you part with your money. After all- it’s not cheap to invest in a designer handbag! So it’s very important to not make a regrettable purchase!


However, if you have bought a designer handbag and since decided it’s not the right fit for you and your wardrobe, why not give us a call or an email here at Renaissance and we could look at reselling it.

We offer cash for a lot of sought after items and would be happy to advise you!