The Unknown Designer Label.... Oroton

We have all heard of Gucci, Chanel, Mulberry and Radley. All extremely popular brands for different reasons. 

Gucci for being innovative and timeless, Chanel's avant garde fashion, Mulberry for its British manufacturing and love for leather and finally Radley because again it's a British company and provides such craftsmanship at a reasonable price. 
However, we have been lucky enough to have some stunning bags consigned with us from a terrifically underrated label.
From textile design to must-have fashion accessory, Oroton has stood for the best in Australian luxury since 1938. Trace the origins of the company and discover their rich heritage.
The above link also states their collaboration with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to produce a limited edition capsule collection. 100% of the profits are donated to the organisation.
A few celebs love the brand too. Meghan Markle has been seen wearing a beautiful cross body, defying the usual royal lady look so beautifully.
The bags we have in store are simply stunning and in perfect condition.  
Here we have a navy leather tote, a timeless piece and a real bargain.
Secondly, we have this beautiful soft cream leather boho bag. Perfect for spring 🌻
Thirdly, this classic monogram shoulder bag. Just the right fit for your capsule wardrobe.
This is what The Renaissance Boutique is all about. Bringing immaculate pre loved designer clothing and accessories to our town of Alnwick and our wonderful following online.
We thank you all!
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