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When it comes to makeup essentials, foundation is almost always at the top of our list. It’s called 'foundation' for a reason: The right one can help you build a solid base and the perfect canvas for everything from a low key natural makeup look to a more statement style.
Still, finding the right foundation colour is sometimes a little easier said than done.To help take the confusion out of finding the right foundation shade for your skin, we’ve put together a simple 3-step guide to choosing a foundation shade below. Whether you prefer liquid, powder, or cream, read on to learn how to choose the right colour foundation now.
Step 1: Decide how much coverage you want
From full coverage foundation to BB creams there is a wide spectrum available in store and online. 
For sheer veil coverage to give an even cover and hide any redness or blemishes, the baked mineral foundation is perfect. 
For a light coverage, the BB creams are ideal as they even out your colour and allow your skin to shine through.
For medium coverage, the liquid foundation creates a flawless finish, which you can build upon and add more layers of foundation depending on the look you're going for. 
Then the loose mineral foundation can be worn alone or with the liquid foundation for an even long lasting finish.
Step 2: Choose a finish
Once you've decided on the level of coverage you want then think about the kind of makeup look you're trying to create. 
If you like a dewy, radiant finish start by smoothing on pure perfection primer, then build up with your choice of foundation or BB cream until reached desired coverage. Finish with a touch of cream blush/ bronzer and add highlight to the high points on your face. 
Alternatively if you want a more matte finish, then start with the matte perfection primer. It controls the oil production in your skin and endures your foundation stays put for longer. 
Then use a loose or powder foundation (these are the best type of foundations for oily skin).
To finish, set your foundation with the mineral mattifying powder. 
Step 3: Choose the right shade for you
This is where undertones come into play...
To figure out what undertones you have, simply check the inside of your wrist.
If your veins are purple-ish, this means you have cool undertones and silver jewellery looks great on you! This means your skin has a slight pink tint.
If your veins are green, this means you probably love gold jewellery and your skin has a golden tone with warm undertones.
If your veins are blue, you can wear both gold and silver jewellery! You can get away with both as you have neutral undertones and can wear both cool and warm foundations.
Take a look at our Inika colour chart below..

Let’s take a look at our team and their favourites..
Our most sold shade seems to be NUDE, In both the BB Cream and the liquid foundation. It’s such a versatile shade for all skin tones and you can deepen it with contour or bronzer or brighten it with a highlighter / under eye concealer.
If you’re completely unsure about what shade or formula you’re after, get in touch with us. Our team are here to help and have all had full Inika Organic beauty and skincare training, so not only do we sell the best, wear the best, but we also know the best inside and out. 

Since we can’t open our doors right now and chat to your beautiful faces in person to give you tailored advice, we are offering free colour matching and personal advice through our social media platforms. If you’re struggling, send us a selfie in natural lighting (no filters please!!) and we will colour match you and give you our recommendations.
We are here to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

Love team RB. X
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