Beauty Talks: product of the week, Inika Night Rich Cream

Beauty Talks: product of the week, Inika Night Rich Cream

Beauty talks: Q&A with Martha on our Inika Rich Night Cream.

Each week we interview a member of our team on our product of the week. That way you get honest reviews, from real people on our products.


How long have you been using the night cream for?

About 6 months now.


What results have you seen since using the night cream?

My skins been a lot less prone to breakouts (I get breakouts when my skin is dry as it over produces oil), I’ve also seen an improvement in my skins texture and appearance- overall smoother and plumper with more of a glow.


What products were you using before Inika and would you say this has been a change for the better?

Before using Inika I used a combination of products from the ordinary, Estée Lauder and Liz Earle. Since changing for Inika, I’m completely converted. The cleanser was the biggest surprise for me as it has replaced my long lasting love affair with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. The night cream has also been a game changer for my skincare routine and for the first time in years my skin actually feels nourished and not dry!


At what stage do you apply your night cream?

I cleanse using my face wash, use my serum (Inika Resveratrol) , two drops of rosehip oil all followed by my nightcream. It’s a really luxurious self care routine that I love taking five minutes for before bed.


Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Definitely! The nightcream comes in two formulas, rich and light- this doesn’t effect the ingredients at all but just depends on how you like your face cream to go on. Personally I love that thick, luxurious feel at bedtime, and a lighter day cream- hence why I opted for the rich night cream. The light night cream gets exactly the same results with a slightly lighter formulae for people who prefer a lighter application!